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We provide a full custom orthotic insole solution from scanning your patient’s foot through to manufacturing a perfect orthotic. However, since it is an open system, you can build a solution which meets your exact needs.

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Scan with ...

Foot scanner


Our new iQube foot scanner is built upon technology developed to measure high precision automotive and aerospace products to within a hair width.

Whether you need to scan a foot a cast or a foam box impression, iQube can produce a high quality 3D image in seconds.

The design of the scanner allows your patient’s foot to be scanned in non- weight, partial-weight and full-weight bearing positions.

If you are foot practitioner, our portable iQube scanner allows you to remove the messy casting process and save money on expensive shipping costs.

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Model with ...

Custom Orthotic Insole Design


OrthoMODEL is a simple yet powerful software tool to design any type and complexity of corrective or accommodating custom orthotic insoles.

The software is driven by our award-winning CAD engine but steered by an interface designed by orthotists and podiatrists from around the world to be logical yet flexible enough to allow all your knowledge and ideas to be applied to a design.

The software supports any type of correction or add-on, including posts, skives, arch fillers, met-domes, cobra cut outs, Morton’s extensions and many more.

OrthoMODEL allows you to design soft anatomical insoles for diabetic patients, rigid polypropylene devices for correcting gait or foot positives for vacuum forming.

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Mill with ...

Custom Orthotic Insole Manufacture


Beneath OrthoMill’s automated and intuitive user interface we have harnessed the power of our acclaimed PowerMILL CAM engine, developed for, and used extensively by, the aerospace industry

All your designs from OrthoMODEL are automatically listed in OrthoMill ready to be processed. Designs are nested into a material block of your choice automatically, whether you choose to machine 1 pair or 100 pairs at a time.

OrthoMill gives you control over how the insoles are machined by allowing you to choose different machining strategies depending upon the style and finish you require.

OrthoMill creates the toolpaths needed by your router automatically, to produce high quality custom insoles in minutes.

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Make with ...

Machining Custom Orthotic Insoles

Cutting Machines

We pride ourselves in being able to offer you the ideal cutting machine for your business.

Why lock yourself into closed solutions with limited options and expensive materials when you can work closely our local office to source a machine and material which exactly matches your requirements.

Delcam has more than 40 years of CAM experience and knowledge of cutting machines.  As a result, we can connect to any machine you chose.


Manage with ...

Managing Workflow


Delcam’s workflow solution manages all the information created throughout the lifecycle of an order and provides full visibility and traceability. This allows you to control and validate orders more efficiently, reducing errors and costs.

OrderManager is fully web-based so requires minimal IT support and management costs.   Security controls ensure that the right people can see the right information at the right time.

You can streamline the order process and improve your customer service by enabling customers to place orders online and by notifying them of their order status via the Internet. This also allows you to put your logo and product information on their desktop.

OrderManager integrates with scanning and CADCAM tools and generates workflows for different types of orthotic and material. This improves efficiency and labour utilisation.

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